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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

The Joker 2019

Was the Joker worth watching?

Well I went to see it on my birthday, thank you Mum and Dad, and I have to say that in all things the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I won't spoil the plot but I will say this, the new DC roll out of their members now that the whole Marvel get together and have a big party film is over. I can say that the trailer for that sexy little minx and in Deadshot's one only miss, Harley Quinn, looked very entertaining indeed.

I won't get off tract here but if you scroll to the bottom you will see Harley Quinn's trailer for Birds of Prey in all it's glorious multi coloured paint and make up.

The Joker was a back story one that didn't go far enough. I mean locked up for the killing of 3 men on a train and many more would at least earn you the chair or full life without parole. However at the end he seems to be in a psychiatric award despite a clown going to all that way to break him free from those evil men in blue seems a bit of a cliff hanger and I doubt we are going to get much more of a cliff.

The whole story is about a down and out trying to make it in the hard knock city of Gotham, a metaphor for New York if ever one needed explaining.

He is a dancer, a lover, not a fighter but the city turns against him. His social worker and his psychiateric drugs are removed from him by a cruel city, the jobs as a clown are at first very thin on the ground.That is until his ground breaking show on TV. Then they become a little far too thick all over the place.

However you can see in the way he moves when by himself or even at the end on the top of a cop car, that his heart has always been in the finer skills of dance and when he is mocked just before going on a talk show with his youthful ballet it is no surprise when he ends the presenters career with a bang.

However the violence from himself only starts from protecting a girl on a subway and then escalates as more and more of the forgotten Gotham city turns to clown suits, strikes, riots, burning cars in the streets and laughing at all who mock.

It is a film about a man who wants to explore the finer things in life but it is succumb to suffer the rage of an unforgiven city upon him instead.

Maybe one of the few last images we get of him is his future role as Batman's nemesis but I wanted to see how he got his permanent joker smile with a different tale at every telling.

I wanted to see his descent from this soulful, artful man to a villain who without another film I can only expect Bruce Wayne to be dead and gone by the time he ever escapes his psychiatric facility probably at Arkham during one of their mad doctors experiments on the city.

I am guessing all the 5/5 star ratings from the snob news on Sunday came from critics who don't care really about the content but more about the artistic flow of a film, how characters silently dance in front of glass and are turned by the madness around them yet despite taking it over succumb once again, Oscar Critics I call them, and they should all be ignored. Whenever you see a film with all 5 stars you can pretty much guess its a vote for an Oscar.

You can watch the official Joker trailer here and then skip down to Harley Quinn's.

Harley Quinn's trailer for Birds of Prey

Now for some sexy girl time, a lady who doesn't mind saying what she means with a gun between her leg and was the best thing in the Suicide Squad if you ask me. That fall into paint that turned her from a prison shrink into the Jokers girlfriend was so much more than just rolling around in different colours.

Watch the Birds of Prey Trailer #1 (2020) Right Here

Now after you have watched both films please tell me which one you thought was the best? I haven't yet but I know I caught myself nodding off a few times during the Joker.

If you just want to comment on the Joker or clowns in general then that's fine as well.

Friday, 11 January 2019

The Joker will be returning...

The Joker will be returning...

The next Suicide Squad film is supposed to be coming out in 2019 but so far we don't have a release date.

Hopefully we will get to see more of the lovely Margot Robbie in action as the Jokers mad psychotic, ex shrink.

Her colourful hair and lovely tight bum is such a draw for viewers I expect the film to be a great smash.

Here is a trailer for the film.

Hopefully we will get to see more of the jokers antics and Batman and Aquaman stay away and keep to their own DC multiverse, as I much prefer these newer DC characters anyway.

We will see the lovely Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn in such a crazy manner again and it's a great role for the Wolf of Wall St actress to have in my opinion.

Hopefully she can put a joker style smile on your faces as well!

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Pennywise - A Portrait

Pennywise - A Portrait

A nice look at the clown from the famous film IT.

Ronald McDonald, the Killer Clown of Millions!

Ronald McDonald, the Killer Clown of Millions!

Ronald McDonald, The Killer Clown....who has forgotten that the top killer clown of them all is the mascot and champion of one of the deadliest corporate fast food restaurants in the world. 

I remember the news actually celebrated the occasion when Moscow opened it's first McDonalds after the collapse of the USSR as some kind of symbol that Russia had finally embraced freedom when in reality they had just become another post for the killer burger chain to operate in.

Stay safe kids, stay away from McDonalds!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Christmas Clowns

Christmas Clowns

As Christmas approaches we are getting ready for everything nice, sweet and spice but what about those of you that want something a little bit more scary to give to your kids on December 25th?

How about this....

Friday, 20 July 2018

My New Sexy Zombie Porno Clown Revealed

My New Sexy Zombie Porno Clown Revealed

I've been waiting a while now but now I can reveal one of the new stars of my new porno clown movie.

It's called "Balloon animal hell hole" and it's all about how many different balloon animals she can put up her orifices without bursting them - LOL.

I think she will enjoy the experience.

Tell me what you think of my latest zombie porno arse balloon star!

She's a beauty isn't she?

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

More Clown Porn For All you Insane Rebel Clowns

More Clown Porn

This clip is some real clown porn for you to get your teeth round LOL

What do you think of clown porn?



A Turn On?

Let me know if real clown porn movies were being made would you watch them or not?

Any girls into porn wanting to make crazy porn videos that are both funny and horny.

Squirty cream, juggling balls and silly string all over let me know!

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Quagmire watching clown porn

Here is a great clip from Family Guy that shows the extend of Clown Porn around the world.

We could be famous people, I just need some girls willing to be covered in squirty cream and silly string for a Porno Clown Bukkake porno.

Anyone interested in some niche porn films send us a comment.

Do you like Family Guy, who is your favourite character and do you think Quagmire is perverted or not.

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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Suicide Squad - Harley the Shrink becomes the Jokers Bint

Harley Quin Goes From Psychiatrist To The Queen Joker

I love this scene from the Suicide Squad film. The colours, the paint, the whole merging of her two mental sides. One the straight psychiatrist, the other, the crazy Harley Quinn, wanting to be with the Joker and willing to do anything to go there.

This is the chemical bath scene with Harley Quin and the Joker from the first Suicide Squad - I expect more will be coming down the DC pipe line to catch up or overtake Marvel now their universe is basically finished with their last film.

I'm sure there will be other characters, and their own films like the Ant Man and the Wasp, plus LucasFilms is now doing back, front and middle stories for Star Wars. I watched the first two episodes of The Mandalorian the other night and as old comic universes die new ones begin.

Do you consider Harley Quinn a clown or just a sexy freak who needs a good nice young boyfriend like the joker to bring round your parents house for dinner?

Porno The Clown

Porno The Clown

Porno the clown, this is the site for porno clown lovers to visit.

This is a satire of the tackiest and creepiest kinds of characters you can find online and starts with this first installment introducing Porno The Clown. 

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